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User Guide Overview


Prior to using REDCap services, UC Berkeley researchers must create an account. REDCap usage can be divided into three separate stages: Pre-Data Collection, Data Collection, and Post-Data Collection. The workflow below visualizes the stages in REDCap data collection, with researcher responsibilities seen above the line and REDCap service support seen below the line.


Key icon - representing password entry Accounts. How to create accounts for UC Berkeley researchers and affiliates. See Accounts.

Pre-Data Collection

Monitor icon - representing act of logging in Pre-Data Collection. Project creation, study design, instrument design, IRB approval, consulting and project approval. See Pre-Data Collection.

Data Collection

File transfer icon Data Collection. Project modes, collecting data, monitoring progress and security, and downloading data. See Data Collection.

Post-Data Collection

File folder icon - signifying file storage Post-Data Collection. UC Berkeley data analysis and compute resources and project archival and deletion. See Post-Data Collection.