Questions We Can Help With

Research IT consultants will:

  • Assist in debugging SLURM job scripts on Savio or other environments
  • Consult about storage options and configure software and scripts for the ongoing transfer of data as resources allow, but the researcher is typically responsible for executing the data transfers
  • Provide assistance in software installation and configuration
  • Identify resources for doing computation and storing data, whether on-campus or cloud-based resources
  • Identify the best computing solution to working with sensitive data
  • Connect researchers to IST staff and aid decision-making by helping researchers understand the relevant technical aspects around the configuration of IST-hosted services

Research IT consultants do not (typically) offer the following types of assistance:

  • Debugging users’ analytical/processing code
  • Optimizing code
  • Data cleaning and “munging”
  • Ongoing transfer of data
  • Configuring IST-hosted services